Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Great Nose Trimmer by The Brooklyn Club!!

My husband really likes this Nose Hair Trimmer by The Brooklyn Club.  He likes the stainless-steel circular-blade system, because it does a great job of removing his ear, nose and eyebrow hairs, plus it doesn't pull or tug on his hairs, or his skin tissue.  We all know that the facial tissue, in and near the nose is so delicate.  Some trimmers do pull on that delicate skin and it hurts so badly!!  So he really likes that this particular trimmer is gentle!!  He also likes that the housing of this ear and nose hair trimmer is made of a really strong, rubberized, impact resistant body.  That way, when (not if) he drops it, it's going to hold up!  But he said it's easy to hang onto and it has a good 'feel' in his hand!  He also likes that it's lightweight and easy to use.  If you would like to learn more about this item, or order it from Amazon, just click on this link:

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