Thursday, October 13, 2016

Chef Remi BBQ Grill Mats

I recently ordered a set of two, of the Chef Remi BBQ Grill Mats.  They’re pretty cool!  They are non-stick and the size is 16-inches X 13-inches, which is a nice size for these types of mats.  My husband has placed one of these on our grill, numerous times and the foods cooked have always came out browned, but moist.  Plus, the foods don’t fall through the grill, so that’s a big plus!  These mats keep our foods from drying out, which we really appreciate!  The food doesn’t stick, plus it makes clean-up a breeze!  He doesn’t have to scrub the grill – YAY!!  We usually just place this flat, on the top rack of our dishwasher, but it can go on the lower rack, as well.  Of course it can be hand washed, as well.  These hold up great – you can’t even tell that we’ve used them!  These mats are free of any dangerous chemicals, which is obviously important.  If you’d like to read more about these, or order them from Amazon, go to this link:

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